Frequently Asked Questions

Can we come for the day only?
Yes, most adventures are half days, so try one or combine 2 in a day.

What's the accomodation like?
Most groups use the Waihoanga Centre as the base for there camp, the Waihoanga Centre is located on the edge of the Otaki river and is bunk room style accomodation, there's an endless supply of hot water for showers, lots of open space to run around and great meals supplied.

Can we cater our own camp?
Yes, you can cater for your group in our kitchens, but most groups find that they are so busy with there adventures that at the end of the day they are quite happy when there catered dinner is served.

What about the weather?
We have our own little micro climate up the Otaki Gorge, we are well protected from the cold southerlys. Most adventures can go on despite the weather, and staff are well briefed at the start of the day as to what the weather will be and any restrictions on adventures for that day.

Can we complete unit standards while on camp?
Yes, with the support Kapiti Skills Centre we are able to offer a range of outdoor units up to level 4. When booking a programme with unit standards attached you will be sent out information packs that help you to preteach some of the information required to help students pass the unit standard assessments. check out the Kapiti Skills website for unit standards available this year and then we can see what we can do support your students through them.