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Otaki White Water Rafting

Grade 2 River

Rivers are categorised into different grades, depending on volume of water and difficulty, Grade 1 being easy flat water and Grade 6 the biggest and wildest water! ( Please refer to our website for ‘classification of rapids’).

The Otaki is a fun Grade 2 and an excellent river for first time paddlers, family and large group outings. A great team building exercise!

NB: Rafting trips maybe group guided i.e. two or more rafts per trip with less than one guide per raft. If unsure or uncomfortable with group guiding, please let us know – we can put on extra guides!

We start our day in the comfort of Otaki Base (741 Otaki Gorge Road), where full bathroom and changing facilities are available. Once we get into all the latest gear to keep us warm on the river, it’s a quick 10-minute drive to the top of the river.

After a comprehensive safety briefing it’s on to the river to practice some of the things we have been talking about. The river starts out gently, and then we start looking for spots to play in!

Captivate Adventures Guides and instructors are all experienced and qualified beyond national standards. Our aim is for you to have the most memorable and enjoyable outdoors trip, with the least amount of hassle!



Basic instructions.

Practising on dry land.

Away we go.