Water Based Adventures:

What do I need? - What kind of river is it?

Land Based Adventures

• Rafting

Raft the scenic Otaki River, classed as a Grade 2 river it is fun for the whole family to enjoy. Make your own fun with our qualified guides, take control of a raft, swim the rapids, find a rock to jump off, experience the waterfall in all its power, or simply sit back and enjoy the view, just remember if you splash expect to get splashed back!

• Night Rafting

If you’ve tried it with the lights on, or your ready for that little bit more, come and visit us at night, we will be guided by the glow worms that line the banks and the sounds of the approaching rapids. Otherwise not many changes from a rafting trip in the daytime, you may still get the chance to swim rapids, jump off things, and more…

For all of these activities you will be fitted out in wetsuits, splash jackets, buoyancy aids, and helmets, we’ll even throw in thermal tops if it’s going to be a cold one.